Si sono sciolti gli Outlandish

Dopo 20 anni di onorata carriera insieme, Isam Bachiri, Waqas Ali Qadri e Lenny Martinez aka gli Outlandish, band multietnica e multiculturale danese ha deciso di scrivere la parola fine alla propria carriera con un lungo comunicato apparso su Facebook.

Nella lettera ai fan, il trio (divenuto celebre, fra le altre cose, per alcuni gioielli come Walou, Aicha e Warrior) ha sottolineato di non aver più nulla da dire che come band, nonostante nel corso del tempo i tre artisti che lo compongono si siano molto impegnati sul fronte sociale per la lotta contro le discriminazioni, particolarmente quelle religiose ed etniche.

Bachiri, Ali Qadri e Martinez intraprenderanno da questo momento in poi delle carriere soliste e torneranno come Outlandish sui social, che resteranno attivi, in maniera piuttosto sporadica.

Peace everyone

It’s time for us to move on. We have been blessed with a 20 year long and beautiful career. We’ve met so many people, seen so many places and experienced so much. We were 3 boys from the suburbs with dreams of conquering the world but honestly we’ve achieved so much more. The amount of love and respect we have met as humans and artists outshines any award you can win or any amount of money you can earn. It has really humbled us throughout 2 decades now, wherever we go we are met with so much admiration and respect and we thank you all for that.

In our hearts we just know that it’s time for us to put the band to rest and move on to other things seperatly, 20 years is a long time and we feel that right now we have nothing more to give as Outlandish, so instead of keep going for the sake of keep going and not giving you guys the best of us it’s better to call it a quit. What the future may bring we don’t know but as for now this is the descision we’ve made. It’s been an honor and privilege to serve you guys, it’s important you understand this. Thank you for giving us so great memories to cherish for the rest of our lives.

Our social media platforms will remain, we will visit them occasionally and when we feel nostalgic we’ll post things from the past. 

Io, nel frattempo, piango.



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